March 29 Small Gestures

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My high school friends have been so supportive!  They check in with me to see how my dad is doing. They have offered their help, prayers, and support.  I get encouraging texts from them. One of my girlfriends brought dinner to my parents’ house last week, along with a beautiful plant.  Some coworkers gave me a package for my family of sandwiches, chips, pop, and candy for the hospital.  I came to school one day and found flowers on my table and encouraging notes on my door. These are wonderful gestures that have really helped me through all of this.

My friends have all gone through the experiences of ailing parents.  It makes me feel bad that I wasn’t there for them as much as I could have been. Out of my 12 high school girlfriends, I am the only one with both parents still alive and I feel so blessed! They love my parents and know how special they are.  They’ve been so wonderful.

Small gestures mean so much.  If you know someone going through similar experiences, it is so important to let them know you are thinking of them and praying for them. Sometimes it is  very lonely watching a loved one struggle.  It is a helpless feeling when you’ve tried to help and you get no where.  I appreciate everyone who has reached out to me.  I am blessed with good friends.

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2 thoughts on “March 29 Small Gestures

  1. So cool that you have such good friends. It makes sense due to how great of a person you are! I hope everything continues to look up for you and your family…and friends!


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