March 26

The Saturday before Easter brings back great memories.  We always dyed eggs.  Each of the kids  would get six eggs.  They loved to see how bright they could get the eggs the longer they let them sit in the dye.  We never changed our dye- it was always the original PAAS. They would use the wax crayon to add designs to the eggs.  Someone would always make one for our dog, Buddy. As they got older, the symbols on the eggs changed from crosses to logos from their favorite bands.  When they were younger, it was important that they had a new Easter outfit.  That was something both Jim I  and  grew up with- having an new Easter outfit. Katie went to bed with pink rollers in her hair.  Their clothes were laid out for the next morning.  The mornings were full of basket and egg hunts.  We would go to church on the south side, then head to the  north side for dinner at Jim’s parents’ house. They were long days, but very fun.

I decorated eggs with my dad,sister and niece today.  My dad always dyed the eggs even when we all moved out.  He kept the tradition. We made sure he kept up with the tradition.  He was tired, but he was a good sport and monitored the egg dying.

We helped my mom set the table for Easter brunch.  It was a lot of work.  I never thought about it.  We would just show up on Easter and the table would be beautiful and the food smelled great.  We never thought about how much work they put into having us all over for brunch.  I now appreciate it.

Happy Easter to all!



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