Day 24 Spring Break

I planned on visiting my boys in Colorado.  It’s not the right time.  I need to be home.  My kids will be okay without me — but I’m not okay without them.  I need to see my boys.  I need to see that they are okay.  It’s so hard sometimes to make the right choice.  I know I need to be here right now.  I know I need to be where I am needed.  But it hurts to want to be with with my boys that don’t really need me, but would love if I were there to do a little extra for them.  I will see them soon…. but not soon enough.

One thought on “Day 24 Spring Break

  1. Oh no, Kathy, I’m sorry you had to make this decision. I can only imagine how much you miss your boys. I really do hope you get to see them soon. I’m sure they miss you so much as well, even if they don’t necessarily NEED you.

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