Day 23 Always a Parent

This is a continuing slice from yesterday.  I wrote a final paragraph to my slice , but when I submitted it, it didn’t show up.  I wrote about how life is flying by.  I can’t believe my children are as old as they are.  I do miss the times when they were safe under our roof.  I miss when I knew they were safe and sound in their beds. There was a time when we had to give up that hold on them and trust that they will make good choices and come home safely.  We did a lot of praying during those times.

But, a parent never stops worrying.  My husband and I try to check in with our kids often enough to know how they are, but not too much to where we are being pests.  I worry about Katie walking to work so early in the morning in the city.  I’m worrying right now about Jimmy and Joey during the terrible snow storm they are getting in Colorado.  I don’t want them driving, and if they do, will they make it home safely?   I still do a lot of praying.

Our kids grew up to be smart, funny, respectful, sentimental, and loving human beings. We are so proud of them.  When Jim and I sit at home talking about them, we usually end up crying.  Whenever we look at old photos, we cry.  I think it’s because we both loved raising our family.  We stayed busy with dance, baseball, and football.  We didn’t have much money for fancy vacations, but we camped. We loved camping!  We had fun together.  Maybe that’s why we cry….we had fun together!  We really enjoyed each other!  Jim and I are feeling that sadness of empty nesters.  I know we will eventually enjoy it, but right now, we are missing the 5 of us.  We are missing the fun we had and the busy lives we led.

So all you slicers out there with little ones- enjoy every day!  Take lots of pictures and videos.  It does go way too fast.




One thought on “Day 23 Always a Parent

  1. First of all, I love the pictures. I love that you check in with your kids daily. I believe that kids (any age) need that. They need to know that you care and are thinking about them as well as their well being. Life is definitely flying by. You have to enjoy every moment!


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