Day 21 The Moon

My daughter tells me I’m a “Moon Person”.  I take pride in that.  I love the moon.  I notice the stages of the moon.  I love that my kids can see the moon no matter where they are in the country and I can look up at the same time and we share the same moon.

Yesterday, talking to my daughter, I told her it will be a full moon this week.  I know why. I know why, without looking at the phases of the moon or the calendar of the moon.   I know why and I have tried to explain this to people and they get so bored. I actually think Katie started thinking of her work schedule while I was trying to explain it.

The reason that I know it will be a full moon this week is because Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring. Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  Sunday is Easter.  So this week– tomorrow, actually, is a full moon.

I love the moon.  I love that the most Holy Day is scheduled around the moon.  I love that it is something I can rely on.  It will always be there.  Sometimes it is hidden behind dark clouds, but it is there and I know it. Sometimes it jumps out at me in bold colors that take my breath away when I’m driving home. Sometimes it shines down on me in the very early mornings and comforts me, letting me know it is there, and will always be there.  My favorite phase is when it is full.  But the waning and waxing lets me know it will go away for a bit but it will always come back and give me that incredible feeling when I see it at its fullest every month!


One thought on “Day 21 The Moon

  1. Wow, I honestly never knew this, Kathy! I never thought about the moon before like this but now, thanks to this Slice, I think I’m a moon person now too. 🙂

    I wrote two Slices in the past about the moon – but they were nowhere as beautiful as this.

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