Day 18 Hope

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I watched the weather report this morning.  I was a little bummed to see that there are some cold temperatures in the days to come.  I was hoping to hear,

“Spring is here, folks!”  Go out and enjoy the warm weather.”

I’m happy the sun is shining.  That always helps!  I saw the five day forecast and there are 50’s next week.  Am I wrong for feeling disappointed?  Last December and  January, the 50’s were a pleasant gift! My husband  put on his khaki shorts (the only pair that didn’t get put away for the winter)  and walked around like it was the beginning of Spring.  He wore them on one of our Christmas shopping days.  I was at the register at Von Maur  and I heard two ladies talking about the beautiful weather. One of them said,

“I actually saw a man wearing shorts!”

I smiled to myself knowing “that man” was my husband.

We get so excited when the weather gives us unexpected beautiful days, especially in the winter.  How boring would it be to have beautiful days all the time?  (A little sour grapes on my part)   We wouldn’t  have anything to appreciate when one comes along.  We would end up taking those days for granted.

As I drove to school today in my dreaded Columbia coat, I started noticing the hints of nature coming alive again.  The sun was bright, but there was still a cool crispness in the air.  At a red light, I looked over and saw bits of green, pointy leaves lined up evenly, peeking out of the dirt.  As I came to a stop sign near school, I looked to my right and saw purple crocuses trying their hardest to rise up from their winter sleep.

I actually smiled as I noticed more signs along the way  because, to me,  these are signs of hope, renewal, and rebirth. It reminds me that through dark, cold, and dreary days, life will endure. shutterstock_28698973_600px

2 thoughts on “Day 18 Hope

  1. I feel the same disappointment. Maybe it is because this winter was relatively mild, so now we expect spring to come full force. We had teaser 70 degree day, now back to the 30s. Is it so much to ask to just be in the mid to high 60s?


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