Day 14 I Feel It Today

I really don’t notice Daylight Savings Time the day I lose an hour.  It’s on a Sunday and I usually get more sleep anyway.  It’s the Monday getting up for work when I feel it.  As I hit snooze for the third time this morning, I kept thinking to myself,

“It’s really 5 am.”

As I drove to work this morning I was thinking,

“It’s really only 6:30 am.”

As I stood outside for door duty, I said to the kids,

“It’s really 7 am., if you think about it.”

I feel it today.  Today I’m tired.  Today I feel I’ve been robbed of sleep.

I can’t wait to climb into bed tonight and pull the covers up to my chin and think,

“It’s really only  7:30 p.m.”!  Ahhhhh a full night sleep ahead!!!

Now I will catch up!

4 thoughts on “Day 14 I Feel It Today

  1. I had a little trouble Sunday morning but you are absolutely right, today was tough. I actually woke up okay, but getting out of bed was not as easy!
    Hope you get a good nice sleep tonight! Can’t wait for tomorrow


  2. My cousin swears that it takes him ‘days’ to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. I don’t notice it.

    I love how you had to keep correcting the time in your head all morning long. Ha ha ha.


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