Day 12 Another Ride on the Roller Coaster


11454297503_e27946e4ff_h (1)

It  is now the fourth hospital  since the beginning of the year.

My dad got home from the hospital on March 3.  He’s been able to walk more without his walker and he’s not using the the shower chair.  He is very strong.  We are now dealing with his sleep issues.  He sleeps a lot during the day because of his insomnia at night.  He said time just stops for him at night.  He is very frustrated and upset.  He is also depressed after his major surgery.  My sister and mom brought him to the emergency room this morning because he is suffering terribly with no sleep during the night.  Dad requested Little Company because he didn’t want to deal with the long wait at Christ.  The wait was just as long.  Once again, our phones were dinging constantly with updates about Dad.  My siblings and I kept in constant contact with each other through Messaging on Facebook.

I’m sitting in the hospital room watching him sleep.  My brothers and sister have been here since this morning and because they  are stricter with the number of visitors, Jim and I  came out a little later.  Mom looks very tired, but is wearing a really cute outfit and lipstick. She didn’t sleep last night either.  She needs to get a good night’s sleep tonight. Jim and I are staying overnight tonight so she won’t be alone.  Dad wanted to be in the hospital because he didn’t want Mom to have to deal with him at night.  He feels so bad.  He had a low sodium count so they admitted him on the cardiac floor.  I’m hoping they can deal with his insomnia as well.

I pray that my dad can get past all this and get back to his old self.  I know he wants to.  He wants to get back to helping others.  He wants to get back to going to 6:45 mass and having coffee with his church pals. He wants to enjoy watching the Cubs and talking baseball.   He wants to be himself again.

Mom talked to the nurse about contacting the doctor about his insomnia.  She wants to make sure they know why he came to the emergency room.  Before we leave, she will get the number of the night nurse or nurses’ station so she can check on him later this evening and first thing in the morning. She will tuck him in and give him a kiss. She will be back here by his side tomorrow morning.  She will continue to be his wife, for better, or for worse, in sickness and in health.

And the ride continues….

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