Day 11 The Sounds of Spring


11454297503_e27946e4ff_h (1)

What a beautiful day!  We were actually able to spend our “Fun Friday” time outside today! What a treat!  We first went to the side of the building where they had recess earlier in the day.  One of my girls left her sweater outside, so we all walked over to look for it.  No luck!  Hopefully it’s in the lost and found.  We then went through the back yard of the building to the”big kid” side of the playground.  This is such a treat because they only go here on Fun Fridays.

As we rounded the bend  and stood at the top of the hill, we all looked out to see that  we weren’t the only ones with the same idea!  It was so fun to see everyone doing their own thing- some were playing soccer, some were on swings, and some were climbing on the jungle gym.  I stood at the top of the hill taking it all in.  A few of my kids stood with me and then asked if they could roll down the hill.  I love that they asked.  How could I say no?  How could I refuse them the joy of being a kid!  As they rolled down the hill with laughs and giggles, I thought about my days of rolling down a hill.  How fun and free that was!  It was a simple pleasure as a kid.  I was so glad to see these kids having so much fun.  Some were professionals, holding their arms above their head with their hands together.  They sped down that hill.  For some, this was a new experience.  They watched for a while then decided to join in, then ran back up to try again.  I was invited to join them, but I gracefully declined.  I liked how my hair was looking today.  (Not really)

The kids left for the weekend with smiles on their faces.  They were ready to go home and enjoy more fun outside!  Hopefully they will be able to take advantage of this weather and do what kids do- roll down a hill, play tag, jump rope, or just go for a long walk.

I think I will just go for a long walk.  I’m kind of liking how my hair is looking.

Enjoy! hill

3 thoughts on “Day 11 The Sounds of Spring

  1. Love the picture. There is just nothing like the first days of spring. It’s so satisfying to finally be rid of the cold, dreary winter.

    I love how you watched them rolling down the hill and really took in the moment. Sounds like such fun.


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