Day 10..Just Don’t Call Me Grandma

“Just don’t call me Grandma”,  is always my response to a student that accidentally calls me “mom”  in class.   I would quickly respond with that because the student is usually embarrassed when they realized what they said.  I try to keep it light and to make them laugh.  To me, it is one of the most flattering things to hear.  When  I hear them call me “mom” it’s usually when they are excited to tell me something, or it’s when they want to ask something important.

It happened again, today.  My students were doing research on their particular state when one of the boys said, “Hey Mom, did you know that………?”  He caught himself right away. but he wasn’t embarrassed.  He had to tell me what he said.  He had to tell the others around him that he called me “Mom”.  I smiled and gave him my usual line.  They all laughed and went on with their research.

As I reveled in my humor I realized, “Oh my gosh, I could actually be his grandma!”    This didn’t really occur to me until just that moment.

For years, I was younger than than the parents, and then I was closer in age, and then they were my age.  Now, I am teaching kids whose parents are close to the age of my own children!  I don’t feel this old.  I don’t feel like a grandma.  No offense to the grandmas out there.  I know it is an awesome time in your life. It’s just that I started teaching here in my thirties and now I am old enough to be a grandma.

Time flies by so quickly. I just wish I payed more attention to moisturizer and night creams back when it could have made a difference!




4 thoughts on “Day 10..Just Don’t Call Me Grandma

  1. I have heard you say that I can’t count how many times, and every time it makes me laugh. I love your humor and how easily it comes thru your writing. And I am wishing I had paid more attention to the sunscreen!


  2. Ditto…where did the time go? I guess as they say, “Time flies when you are having fun.” Keep having fun because I know your students are. P.S. you used plenty of moisturizer; you look great.

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  3. Oh, how I love this. Rachel just said, “Did you read Kathy’s blog about ‘grandma’?” so I had to head over and read it. I love the humor and how funny it is when they slip and do that. But I also love how it became a more serious reflection on the length of your teaching career.

    I love how this is written. 🙂

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