Day 9 A Taste of Spring!

A sure sign of spring is when I can finally  open my window in the bedroom to let the soft, cool breeze come in, as it gently moves the blinds.   I am hypnotized by the sounds of the soft, clicking blinds and of birds first waking up for the day, alerting all the other birds that the sun is about to rise. I hear one chirp around 4:45 and they all join in.  It’s calming and peaceful during the school year because it is my natural alarm clock.  But during the summer,  I have different thoughts about those birds.

It’s sixty degrees this morning.  I  get out of bed, go to the kitchen,  and make my coffee.  I go back in the bedroom and feel the cool breeze again.   I stand in between the bathroom and the bed, staring at the spot where I just came from. It looks so inviting.  The breeze is nice and cool and jumping under the down comforter would feel so good!  Should I?  Just ten more minutes?  I do it!  I climb back in bed, pull the covers up to my nose and lay there watching the news.  I have a feeling of freedom and satisfaction.  It’s funny how an extra ten minutes can feel like I just won a prize!

I’m looking forward to many more mornings like this!

Happy Spring!


3 thoughts on “Day 9 A Taste of Spring!

  1. I could really connect with this! Nature is the best alarm clock. I enjoyed how you turned and jumped back in for a little longer. Life’s little indulgences, this is a gentle reminder to soak them in!

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