Day 8 Hero in Room 11

Today was a beautiful day!  It was 70 and sunny,  just the way I would love my life to be- 70 and sunny!  I try to stay positive in life.  I try to stay focused on the good parts of my day so when I come home and Jim asks, “How was your day?” I can honestly say it was good!  I love being able to say that.  Sometimes I’m tired, and I do say that I’m tired, but I really can’t think of a day this year where I said, “My day sucked!”

My job as a teacher is so fulfilling.  Every day is so different and unpredictable.   Each day brings something that makes me smile or laugh, even if I have other things going on in my life that make me cry.  I love going to school.  I love seeing my kids every day.  Most of all, I love knowing that today, my kids are going to learn something new.

Today, I was working with a couple students at their desks while the others were working with partners.  I saw a boy get up and look near the window.  He said to himself, “What is that?”  Then I just watched him.  He was staring “in aw” at something that left him speechless, which is very unusual for this particular student.  I wanted to tell him to relax and have a seat, but I was so entertained by his face!  As  I continued to watch,  the two students  I was working with took notice.  They quietly enjoyed this little show with me.  Then, we heard him say,

“I’ve never seen anything like this!”

I imagined he was was looking at an unusual bird outside the window.  Then he said,

“It’s kind of like a spider, but a lot bigger.”

Well, that got the attention of everyone else.  Forget it, the class was now intrigued and   getting out of their seats to see what the heck he was talking about.

I was still staying in my same spot, totally entertained by what was happening.

I wanted so bad to see this creature climbing on my wall, but I sat back to see how this was going to progress. My tough kid that likes to laugh at his classmates’ weaknesses, was in a corner screaming. Some girls got really close, totally interested in seeing this “thing”.  I looked behind me and there were kids ready to exit the room.  I wondered to myself,  “Who is going to be the hero… who is going to capture this threatening creature about to take over the classroom?”   I still remained in my same spot enjoying every moment.

The smallest boy in my class approached this albatross with Kleenex in hand.  He tried once….twice…. and then grabbed it and squeezed it between his fingers.  He marched it over to the garbage can and threw it away.  Everyone cheered.

Right before he did this,  I was thinking,  “Who will be able to do this? Who will capture “The Beast”.

I didn’t know.

It was my sweet little guy that lives down the street in a house with just his mother.  This sweet little guy that comforted me with his story about his grandmother when I was sad about my dad. This darling kid that has to deal with divorced parents and visitation schedules.

He has probably trapped many spiders for his mom.   He’s probably had many nights where he had to comfort her.   He has probably trapped many albatross in his life and tried to throw them out.

As I watched him today, I remembered what I told his mom at our conference in February, which brought tears to her eyes,


“He’s going to do well in life.  He has everything it takes to succeed.”

4 thoughts on “Day 8 Hero in Room 11

  1. You really have a gem of slice here! I was so intrigued by your own reactions to the whole event. Sitting back and letting it all unfold. The ending was so touching as well. Like so many of your posts, there’s so much wisdom to mine here.

    Liked by 1 person

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