Day 5 On a light note!

I had a busy couple days at my parent’s house.  The homecoming was smooth and Dad is happy to be in his own house. I’m spending some time with husband tonight.  He has a notice on his phone when I post my blogs.  I haven’t seen him since Thursday morning. He sends me positive comments through texts.  We are enjoying a dinner and conversation tonight.  His parents were in from Arizona this past week to babysit our niece and nephew. I didn’t get to see them.   I’m sorry for that.  But Jim was able to visit with his parents and appreciate, even more, how life is so precious and to realize that someday life can change so quickly.

3 thoughts on “Day 5 On a light note!

  1. Kathy, I love that your husband is being so supportive of your new writing habit! How loving is that!

    I feel like you mentioned a few times in your blogs about how life changes so quickly. I hope you guys are in for a good run of steady, non-changing, no surprises. You certainly need it.

    Still thinking of your dad and hope he continues to get better each day!

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  2. Every time I read your post, I hear your voice! It is really amazing how you can do that! I hope all goes well and you two enjoy your time together tonight. It can be so hard when live changes so quickly! Yet, you are an example of taking it in stride. I hope I can emulate that when the time comes!


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