Tuesday, March 1

I’m so excited to start writing every day.  Writing is such a great release for me, but I haven’t given this hobby much of my time lately.  So, welcome to my daily blog.

The picture on my home page was taken last summer in Colorado, one of my favorite places on earth. My dream growing up was to move to Colorado and drive a red jeep. Neither of these things came true, but both of my sons are living my dream- I mean, their dream.

Jimmy, 27,  lives in Fort Collins with his girlfriend, Kristen,  of eight years.  Joey,25, lives right outside of Denver and lives with a buddy from high school.   Jimmy is going to school to become a nurse, and Joey graduated from Western Illinois  and is working for a food company in their sales department. I miss my boys terribly, but I’m so happy they are living in such a beautiful part of the country.

FullSizeRender (2)

My daughter, Katie, 29, lives in Wicker Park with her boyfriend, Jason.  She is a hair stylist and  works in a unique salon that focuses on healing the spirit as well as making one feel beautiful.  The Ruby Room  is a perfect place of employment for Katie.  It has a very calming environment, which she can use!


My husband, Jim,  is a home builder and works for a company based out of  Naperville.  He used to build on his own, and even built our dream house in Downers Grove  until everything crashed in 2005.   Things have settled down in our lives and my husband and I have been enjoying the life of empty nesters, living in a two bedroom condo in Darien.


It’s crazy how life can change so quickly….


5 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 1

  1. What a beautiful family you have! Colorado is a great place to vacation and you have two reasons to visit. Let’s hope life doesn’t change too much during this month.


  2. Oh, Kathy, I am eagerly awaiting the rest of your stories this month – you have no idea.

    I loved this little introduction to your family – especially the points of humor you injected, like with the boys living your dream. Ha! I know your stories are going to be amazing, and I can’t wait to get to know these people a bit more. 🙂


    • Hi Dana! Thank you so much. I have a question… I accidentally signed up for the classroom blogs, too. What a pudding head! Do you know how I can get out of it? I’m not sure 1st graders would enjoy my stories!


  3. Wow! I love it! Your writing is amazing. I plan to visit each day! Just really excited to see whats on your mind! Colorado has become my new dream place too. You never know what this life has in store. That red Jeep could be closer than you imagine.


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